As farmers we have a great respect for the land and try to work with nature to produce quality fruits and vegetables. We employ several different methods to increase the soil fertility and health, and increase beneficial insect populations.

Compost is applied in early Spring to enhance microbial populations, nitrogen and phosphorous levels in the soil and their availability to plants.

Cover crops such as oil seed radish and oats are sewn in the Fall to reduce soil erosion and help hold plant nutrients in the root zone. Cover crop roots are typically disced into the soil in the Spring.

Biocontrols such as garlic, fish emulsion and seaweed derived products are used to fend off harmful pests and diseases in our strawberries. Bacillus thuringienesis is a naturally occuring, spore forming bacterium that also releases proteins that can infect certain types of insects. We apply this in our raspberry patch to control fruit worm.

A trickle irrigation system is used to conserve water in the raspberry patch. Rainwater run-off from our land is channeled into our spring fed pond for use later in the trickle and overhead irrigation systems. In this way we capitalize on Mother Nature's supply of water to help our fruits and vegetables grow, and we use less municipal water.

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