For the sure pleasure of it! Savor the ultimate taste and freshness of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Varieties grown on our farm are selected for taste and vigour first. Vine ripened and picked at maturity ensures you get the flavor and nutrition you expect, in every bite.

For the health and safety of your family and yourself. Our just picked, fresh from the field fruits and vegetables are packed full of nutrition. We use sustainable practices like adding compost to enrich our soils and integrated pest management techniques so we can grow good quality produce and be environmentally friendly.

To connect! Connecting the dots from farm to table encourages all of us to bond with people and place. Get to know Joe, the market and field staff, as well as your fellow pickers and shoppers. Share your bounty with family, friends and the community. Embrace nature as you follow the flow of the seasons through local food right here in southern Ontario.

For the health of our planet. Eating local food, sustainably raised, promotes an eco- friendly food system. Food grown close to home uses less fossil fuel to reach us, which means less pollution and less dependence on non-renewable resources.

To support neighboring farms, farmers and local economies. Eating local food helps to ensure the health and longevity of farm family businesses. As a 6th generation farm family we hope to continue our family tradition, stay on the farm and sell fresh produce, direct to you. As well, you keep your food dollars invested in the local community.

For an open, working landscape. Farms preserve our beautiful open working landscape, a vital part of a healthy region with varied land use. When you visit our farm you can also enjoy the scenic views, fresh country air and open countryside.

To preserve our culinary heritage. Local food encourages traditions whether it’s July 1 strawberry shortcake or Thanksgiving dinner. Strawberry picking in June, corn roasts, and pumpkin harvest in the Fall, and all the dishes traditionally accompanying harvest times bring us life and vitality, a shared experience of our world, a heritage we can savor and pass onto the next generation.

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